Poetic Simon



Author Roy Lee Jarmon is an author of Poetry by Simon. Mr. Jarmon battles daily to fight against PTSD Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. This show will give people a great understand of what happens with the Veterans that has been in a war and how they are able to overcome. We will interview them on their books or their personal life issue this will called "Our Therapy Room". Next we are going to find people that are in stressful situation too and together we are going to learn how they deal with stress and how they solve problems daily. We interview them too. We will also do the news called " Around Simone Way" We will talk about current news happening in neighbor or real news. Then we will give 3 poets 5 minutes to express their poems this called " Poetic Simon, 5 minutes of Fame". We will interview all them too learn why they wrote their poetry . Mr. Jarmon will always release his poetry at the end of every show as words of encouragement.

Poetry by Simon

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