These writings are expressions formulated from my own thoughts, opinions and fantasies that I have acquired during my lifetime. I have used many names in my writings; however these names does not reflect a true identity of any particular person or individual. The names used by me are for rhythmic, iambic and/or poetic reasons only and does not apply to any particular or specific person, place or thing.


I want to thank and acknowledge my wife, Audrey ‘Gem’ Hines, who encourages me every day to continue my writings because of their ability to encourage and uplift and inspire others. I also appreciate her for being my crutch that studies me when I stumble as I stagger out of my comfort zone.
Audrey is a descendant of Jamaican parents – the late Vincent Harold Hines and the late Hyacinth Hope (Salkey) Hines. She is the sibling of a younger sister and 4 brothers – one deceased – that was born from this union. She now works as the executive assistant to her third Chief Judge of the Newark Municipal Court in Newark, NJ.
Audrey is devout and steadfast in her religion and conviction. She is a tiny, gorgeous woman but she has a gigantic heart to support, encourage and console others: especially hurting or abused women.
I don’t know what her father had in mind when he nicknamed her “GEM”. Nonetheless, she is a “GEM” in so many different aspects to quite a variety of people. Yes, she’s a brilliant “GEM” of a woman; especially to me as my wife, friend and confidant. To that I say, “To God be the Glory for placing her into my life!”


Nathalyn Vershelle Cato Jarmon, my late wife, without whom I would have never realized what GOD meant in the scriptures when HE said that “two shall become one” as well as the phrase “… ‘til Death we do part.”. She was a compassionate Christian woman of True Faith in her GOD and projected HIS Loving Spirit every where she went and toward everyone she met. She was a Master Teacher. She could teach anyone - through encouragement and dedication – to do anything that she would ask. She was truly one of GOD’s angels. I shall always remember her musical talent whereby she could make that church’s organ talk to you like a natural person. And I will never forget that wonderful and heartfelt laugh of hers. Rest in Peace in God’s bosom Vershelle. Because of you, I now view people and the world in a different, more-Godly way.


My books are dedicated to God for implanting the passion of the gift of writing in my heart and soul, to my parents George Jarmon, Sr. and Minnie Bell Armstrong, to my deceased wife Nathalyn Vershelle Cato and to my present wife, Audrey (Gem) Hines, who encourages me every day to continue my writings and their effect to uplift others, and many other doctors, therapists, pastors, friends and mentors. I thank GOD for all of you.

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