About Poetic Simon


I, Roy Lee Jarmon (aka Simon) is the author of volumes I and II of the books “Poetry by Simon”. I am a Viet Nam Veteran who battles the fight daily against PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This show will give people a better understanding of this grip on our Veterans and how they struggle to overcome such obstacles. This is the segment called "Our Therapy Room". Next we will interview others in stressful situations and how they solve their daily problems. We will also seek positive local and neighborhood news in our segment called “Around Simon’s Way." As an added attraction, we will give 3 poets 5 minutes to express their poetry in “Poetic Simon’s 5-minutes-of-Fame" feature where they can express and discuss their poetic zeal. I will end the show by releasing my original poetry along with words of encouragement and inspiration.

Poetry by Simon

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